Join Our Lab!

We are dedicated to providing training experiences for those interested in a career in the behavioral sciences. Individuals may join our laboratory team in several different ways: Graduate Student, Volunteer Research Assistant, or Undergraduate Student.

Join us as a Graduate Student

Graduate students join our laboratory via Harvard's Graduate Program in Psychology. Harvard now has a Clinical Psychology Program and we encourage people interested in a career as a clinical scientist to apply to this program. You can find out more information about our program on the Department of Psychology Website. Graduate students in our lab often participate in our ongoing research projects and are encouraged to develop and implement their own independent research projects within our laboratory. If you have specific questions about applying to Harvard's Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology and are interested in the work in our laboratory, please contact Dr. Matthew Nock.

Professor Nock is not accepting PhD students for Fall 2022 admission.

Join us as a Research Assistant

Volunteer Research Assistant Opportunities

Additionally, we sometimes have Research Assistant opportunities available for those with an interest in clinical research who are able to volunteer at least eight hours per week for a period of at least four months. RA positions involve working closely with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and other RAs to assist with subject recruitment; helping to run the actual laboratory studies; coding, entering, and analyzing data; summarizing the current literature; proofreading and editing; and organizing/digitizing files. 

Please note that the volunteer research assistant application has been closed as of May 2nd, 2022. A review of applications has been completed, and we will be contacting applicants soon. The application will be reopened as needed in the future. 

Join us as an Undergraduate in Psych 2461r

This course is designed to give undergraduate students hands-on experience conducting research in clinical psychology.  Through attending weekly lab meetings and working on one of several research teams, students learn how research ideas are generated and specific hypotheses formed, research studies are designed to test these hypotheses, various research methods are used depending on the question addressed, data are collected and analyzed, and results are presented at meetings and in scientific publications.  This course is expected to be especially useful for students planning on pursuing a career in clinical psychology and research, but the skills such as critical thinking, research design, statistical analyses, and science writing will be useful more generally.

All students interested in Psych 2461r are required to submit an online APPLICATION to obtain permission before enrolling in the course.