Shirley B. Wang, M.A.

Shirley B. Wang, M.A.

Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Shirley Wang is a PhD candidate in the Clinical Science program with a secondary in Computational Science and Engineering at Harvard University. Her research examines why people engage in behaviors that are harmful to themselves, including eating disorder behaviors, nonsuicidal self-injury, and suicide. She uses a wide range of methods to study these problems, including laboratory-based behavioral experiments, real-time monitoring, and large-scale longitudinal studies. She is particularly interested in using mathematical and computational modeling to formalize theories in psychopathology. 

Shirley deeply values issues of diversity, inclusion, and belonging, and is committed to promoting these values in research, academia, clinical practice, and beyond. She believes that increasing representation of people from marginalized and historically disadvantaged backgrounds is critical for conducting ethical, comprehensive, and innovative clinical science research. To this end, Shirley enjoys mentoring undergraduate research assistants and thesis students, and encourages students who are interested in getting involved with research to get in touch with her. 

Shirley is a 2017 recipient of the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and a 2021 recipient of the National Institute of Mental Health F31/NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship. 

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