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AFSP Boston Area Walk, 2015

Overnight Walk Boston, 2015

Nock Lab Summer BBQ, 2015

AFSP Boston Area Walk, 2014

Nock Lab Holiday Party, 2014


SSCP Virtual Clinical Lunch: Predicting Suicidal Behavior, Dr. Matthew Nock

Dr. Matthew Nock on Why Young People Hurt Themselves

Professor Matthew Nock Explains The Suicide Implicit Association Test

Mindscape: Matthew Nock, PhD, on the Implicit Association Test & Predicting Suicide Attempts

Suicide Research, Myths & Trends - 2012 Dart Center workshop "Covering Suicide," Paula Clayton M.D., Thomas Joiner Ph.D., Matthew Nock Ph.D., and Christopher Ruhm Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist Matthew Nock: 2011 MacArthur Fellow, MacArthur Foundation




Can technology help predict who will attempt suicide?

Neurology Now Back from the Brink: People with certain neurologic conditions are more likely to commit suicide than the general population.  Here's how friends, family, and caregivers can reduce the risk.(04-05/16)  
National Public Radio (NPR)          No easy, reliable way to screen for suicide      (transcript)(03/31/15)     
WBUR's CommonHealth:
Reform and Reality
 Determining who is most at risk(03/20/15)  
AirTalk, 89.3 KPCC Suicide and mental illness in military families and new recruits(03/17/15)  
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NY Times Effectiveness of therapy for suicidal teenagers(01/08/13)  
MacArthur Fellowship
(Multiple Outlets)
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Chronicle of Higher Education Director Matt Nock wins tenure at Harvard(05/09/10)  
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